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Called By God

I remember silently yearning to play the lead role in a Christmas program at my pre-school.  Oh, if I could just be Mary and hold baby Jesus!  Miss Kathy gave me the part of the star of Bethlehem instead.  My supporting role was the character with the least amount of lines (zero to be exact), I didn't need a costume, and I stood in the back corner of the stage behind all the other kids.  I got to hold a stick attached to a cardboard star covered in shiny tinfoil.  My parents could not have been prouder!  

Fast forward many years and I had gotten to a place in my life where I was living so afraid.  I had been feeling like the unseen, uninvited, and sometimes unwilling participant in my life for a long time.  My mom asked me to come to a two day event with our church--Women of Faith.  I only went because the ticket was free and, well, Mom said so.  When a woman named Marilyn Meberg spoke, it felt like an arrow had been shot right through my heart.  That's when I knew.  I knew Jesus but I had NO idea how much Jesus knew me.  The only thing I remember from Marilyn's 45 minute speech was Romans 8:28 (NIV):

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Sure, most of us have heard that one before.  This time for me was different.  have been called.  I have been called.  Called.  According to His purpose.  In all things, ALL things...He works for the good of those who love him.  He works for my good.  Those words echoed in my heart and mind.  I only remember whispering, "I hear you."

Some of us are called into specific professions, specific times, places, or events.  Moment by moment, they all belong to Him.  I've been called to do many different things alongside Jesus.  It hasn't taken me around the world or maybe even out of the state but it's  been a trek through each place and space back to His perfect love.  I can't even contain the Joy that this young woman, who never spoke, but is typing these words to you right now.  It's taken some heart work, but even when I don't feel like I have a thing to say, just saying yes is enough because He is enough.  He is not absent, even in this pandemic and His name is glorified in all things and He has something for you to do.

The little girl on the stage, with not even a line in the play, finally heard her daddy say to her "Sweet girl, I gave you the best part!  I made you my bright and shining light.  You get to lead others to me.  Yes, they see you but will you help them see me?"  This will be my reminder, as the days are long, that I am called, kept, and beloved by Christ Jesus and so are you.

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