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Welcome to DV Kids Midweek At Home! 

Midweek ministry for Age 3 through Grade 5 focuses on a review of what the children learned in Sunday DV Kids services from the previous weekend.  

You can share God-centered time with your children by:
  • Practicing the Bible Verse - game ideas are on the DV Kids weekend webpage
  • Re-watching the Story and Worship video from last weekend
  • Doing an Activity (Preschool). Completing God Time Cards (Kdg. - Grade 5)
Be blessed with peace, health and great family time!  Check out the links below and enjoy church at home!  

This Month’s Bible Verses

Ages 3-6:

Grades 1-5:

Story & Worship Experiences 




Preschool Activity  

Good Friend
Review the Preschool video above before doing this activity:

Ask your child to answer the question, “What makes a good friend?” Write down their answers on a piece of paper. Then ask them, "What can you do on this list to be a good friend to someone you know?" If possible, help them to accomplish this task or schedule a time to do it later.

Say:  I am SO thankful God gave us good, good friends! I can thank God for everything. Who can you thank for everything? I can thank God for everything!

Elementary God Time Activities

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