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Recovery & Wellness

Feeling stuck in an addiction or destructive behavior?  You don't have to stay that way and you don't have to go through it alone.  Help and hope are available through God and through his church.  Please reach out for help finding a group, peer support, or other spiritual care.
Groups provide a safe place to connect with others over common interests, Bible study, or a shared need for support.  Every group is helpful for those reaching for wellness, but we also have groups particularly geared toward those living with mental illness, those walking in recovery, and those dealing with grief.
Spiritual Care trained, compassionate listeners can help us find and take the next steps toward wholeness and health.  Our spiritual caregivers are trained to ask good questions, listen well, and provide a safe place for you to process along the way.
Not sure what to do next?  We would love to schedule a time to listen to your story and share more about your options to connect.
You can contact Pastor Audra at [email protected] or reach any of our staff team via email or by calling 661.945.2777