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The Free Market

5pm Thursdays.                  1011 E. Ave. I, Lancaster
Line up begins at 3pm.      Please stay in your car.

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, we are temporarily discontinuing the farmer's market style shopping and instead giving out pre-picked boxes of our food to guests that remain in their cars.  
At The Free Market, we're passionate about providing quality groceries free of charge.   There will be a line, and we are currently asking everyone to remain in your vehicle and line up in our parking lot.  Line up begins at 3pm.  We do our very best to begin at 5pm., but we do encounters delays do to the supply chain of our groceries.

Our food comes from major grocery stores and high end markets across Los Angeles.  We have relationships with these stores and they donate food a few days before expiration, which we pick up and provide free of charge to anyone in need of food.  We transport the food in a fully refrigerated truck.

The Free Market is made possible through a collaboration of Desert Vineyard Church and One Love Food Ministry.