Minor Prophets Bible Study

Be a part of an 8-week study through the Minor Prophets of the Bible. This study is designed to lead you through some of the often overlooked and underrated books of the Bible. The Minor Prophets may not have the same name recognition of other biblical prophets, but their words and stories are unique and thought provoking. We hope you enjoy your time studying and learning from them!

Use the links to the side to download the 8-week study guide as well as access the accompanying videos for each week from The Bible Project.

Minor Prophets Study Guide Download
Week 1 Video: Jonah
Week 2 Video: Amos
Week 3 Video: Joel
Week 4 Video: Hosea
Week 5 Video: Nahum
Week 6 Video: Habakkuk
Week 7 Video: Obadiah
Week 8 Video: Malachi