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Welcome to DV Kids Midweek At Home! 

Midweek ministry for Age 3 through Grade 5 focuses on a review of what the children learned in Sunday DV Kids services from the previous weekend.  

You can share God-centered time with your children by:
  • Practicing the Bible Verse - game ideas are on the DV Kids weekend webpage
  • Re-watching the Story and Worship video from last weekend
  • Doing an Activity (Preschool). Completing God Time Cards (Kdg. - Grade 5)
Be blessed with peace, health and great family time!  Check out the links below and enjoy church at home!  

This Month’s Bible Verses

Ages 3-6:

Grades 1-5:

Story & Worship Experiences 




Preschool Activity  

Review the Preschool video above before doing this activity:

Give your child a plastic or paper plate and have them pretend they are steering wheels. Ask them to drive to different places in your home by saying that one corner is the “store” and another corner can be “school.” Other places to drive to are church, home, playground, and library. Repeat as many times as you like.

Say:  God is with us EVERYWHERE we go! No matter what! We can always trust Him. Who can trust God? I can trust God!

Elementary God Time Activities

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