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Church Inside FAQ's

What's the plan for returning to inside gatherings?

Here's our detailed plan for returning to church inside.  If you love details, please download this document and enjoy.   For everyone else, we've covered the major stuff below on this webpage.  

When is this move happening and will the service times change? 

The move inside already happened on Easter Sunday, April 4th.     We are now inside every Sunday at 9am and 11am, and these will both be in-person inside services and online services.  There is no longer a 10am online service.  

Why are you moving inside now?

We feel that with the increasing vaccination roll-out, and with following the guidance of the CDC and LA County Health Department, that the risks of spreading COVID-19 have diminished enough for us to make this move and return to inside church.  We will have to make some sacrifices to move inside, like singing together as a congregation, but we feel like it's worth it.   We have plan for our worship teams to lead us in worship, but the audience will be asked to worship internally or through raising of hands, not through singing along.

Will there be DV Kids ministry?

We are working on restarting DV Kids ministry soon, but it won't be available immediately.  All services for now are family-style, with kids welcome to attend with parents or caregivers.   

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes.  Masks are required for everyone on campus, both inside and outside, at all times.  The only exception will be the person speaking from the stage during our service, and they will be behind a full coverage plexiglass wall and distanced 20 feet from the audience.     

What other COVID safety measures will be in place?

  • We'll have a simple health screening before you enter which will include questions about exposure to and symptoms of COVID-19 as well as a quick temperature check and some contact information for contract tracing* purposes.  
  • Please self-screen and stay home if in last 10 days you have had a fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat,  a positive Covid test, or traveled out of state, or if your temperature is currently 100.4+, or of you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • Face masks covering your nose and mouth are required at all times whenever you're on campus, inside and outside.
  • Social distancing will be practiced everywhere on campus, inside and outside.  So please don't hug anyone or shake hands.
  • Seating in the auditorium will be spaced out for social distancing and families/households will be assisted to find a group of seats together.  
  • All seats with be disinfected after each use, as well as hard surfaces that are commonly touched.    
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout our campus.
  • No food or drinks will be allowed in services, but Virtue Coffee Roaster will be open with outdoor courtyard seating available. 
  • Bathrooms will be available for use and will be cleaned and sanitized frequently.
  • Attendees will be allowed to enter the auditorium 10 minutes before service begins, and will be asked to exit to the Courtyard outside immediately following the service.  This will help to minimize crowd time in the room and give our staff time to clean and disinfect and clean between services.  
*For more about Contact Tracing, please read this document.

Do I need to register to come in person?

No registration is needed.  Please just show up. 

Where should I park? 

Parking is available in both the east and west parking lots.  Please allow an empty space between your car and the next car.