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Technical Assistant

Position Overview

Title: Technical Assistant
Reporting Relationship: Technical Director
Classification: Non-exempt, Part-time, Hourly (15-20 per week)

Assists Technical Director with weekly tasks, and weekend services in the areas of media and sound.

Spiritual Qualifications:

  • Profess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • Commitment to spiritual growth and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Model expectations and standards of staff life at Desert Vineyard.
  • Understanding and embracing of the vision and values of Desert Vineyard


  • Makes sure stages are clean and patched for weekday and weekend services.
  • Creates weekday and weekend presentations for screens on ProPresenter 6.
  • Runs memorials or special events during the week.
  • Assists video shoots. Setting up lights, moving microphones, camera operation.
  • Manages media room on weekends. Makes sure operation of the technical team is on point. Screens, Audio, Recording, Lighting.
  • Helps with installs, AVL
  • Creates Planning Center Schedules on a monthly basis.


  • Basic knowledge of sound signal flow and operation of mixers
  • Basic Knowledge of Video Signal flow
  • Must be quick at resolving technical issues
  • Able to work in team environments
  • Available to work flexible hours depending on the weeks events.

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