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From now through Easter Sunday our Church  will be going through a series called "Spiritual Practice for Ordinary People".
This series includes a downloadable study guide for you to follow along with your group, your family or by yourself.
We highly encourage that you do this with others to get the full benefit of these practices.  
Download the study guide below and let's practice together. 

We have 3 types of groups


These are groups that gather around a common interest, stage of life, or gender. These groups gather together on a regular basis and the activity or interest can vary from financial planning to weight lifting to studying the Bible.


These are  groups of three or more people who gather together on a regular basis. You’ll connect, study the Bible, and pray together.


These are groups that offer support and connection especially in the most difficult seasons of life. There are groups for recovery, grief, mental health and for healing from trauma.  Compassionate and trained leaders bring their own life experiences and hope to these groups.

Any questions?  Contact Staci Rue, Groups Pastor 
or Audra Lexin, Care Ministries Pastor.