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Women’s Ministry is a great place to connect with other women and form new
friendships. Our goal, as we meet weekly for Bible study and other events throughout
the year, is that we would grow ever more deeply in love with God and His Word
Our prayer is that the women of our church would daily be moving forward, pressing
deeper into God’s heart and helping and encouraging others to do the same.

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Summer Park Walks!

Join us Thursdays* beginning June 24th throughout the Summer for a walk in the park!  It's been quite a while (Too long, in fact!!) since we've been together.  All women, all ages are welcome - and YES bring the kiddos, too.
*Morning/Evening times and other locations will be offered.  Stay tuned!
  • This week's location 6/24: 
    Sgt. Steve Owen Park @ 9:00am by the playground

For more info or questions email Elena:
 [email protected]

Bible Study

Coming Soon...Contact [email protected] to make sure you're included on our email list!

Women’s Bible Studies

Women’s ministry does several multi-week long Bible Studies a year on Tuesday morning and evening in our Cafe Auditorium. These studies are either video taught with table discussion time or taught live by one of our Women’s Ministry leaders. Our Women’s Bible studies are always a great way to connect with other women on a more intimate level, to pray together and grow in faith and connect with God.  Meeting in person this Fall 2021!


Desert Vineyard's #MomLife group  is for ALL moms from first time expectant mamas to those raising school age children all the way up to high school!  It is our heart and purpose to encourage, lift-up, love and care for every mom at any stage in her mothering journey.  We feel that together we can find friendship, support and practical help for this mothering adventure we share.  Please join us during this time on our Facebook page: MomLife at Desert Vineyard.

First Place 4 Health

First Place 4 Health is a complete,
Christ-centered, healthy living program.
It provides Biblical wellness enabling individuals to achieve balance in spirit, soul, mind and body based on giving Christ first place.  Meeting in person this Summer 2021!

Can women lead in the church? 

Check out these resources that develop our thinking about the teaching of Scripture regarding women.  

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