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Women in Leadership Seminar

Does the teaching of the Bible place limitations on women’s roles in the church or can women actually lead and preach and even become a lead pastor of a church? If you have wrestled with these questions, come to this seminar where we will make the case for why we believe that women not only can, but are called and gifted by God to do everything that men can do in the church - including be lead pastors.
The Seminar cost is $15 per person which includes lunch. Both men and women are welcome to attend.

We welcome all.

Everyone's welcome because nobody's  perfect and anything's possible with God.  So if you're not a "church" person, you'll likely feel right at home with us.  We're a come-as-you-are kind of place. We're a have-a-coffee-and-muffin-during-the-service kind of place.  We hope we're your kind of place.   

Helping People
Find & Follow Jesus

Desert Vineyard Church is a place where you can find God and discover his purpose for you.   We teach the Bible in a way that makes sense in real life today.  We have an incredible kids program, amazing music, great coffee, and we care deeply for the poor.  Join us for our Sunday services! 

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