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Join a group.

Groups are one way we do life together.  Most of our groups, including care and support groups, are ready to meet in person again.  Groups come in all shapes and sizes so wherever you find yourself in life, there’s a group for you.

If you prefer to meet with people already in your bubble, we have study guides available here to follow the sermon series so that you can invite a few friends, coworkers, or family members to join you in seeking God through the scriptures and messages each week.

Groups Info & BINGO Night

Join us on Sunday, January 30 at 5pm in the Cafe Auditorium where you can learn more about groups, meet some leaders, and get your BINGO game on!
Bring the whole family for a free, fun evening!  No registration required.

Want to lead a group?

Good group leaders are those who love Jesus, those who appreciate the way Desert Vineyard seeks to find and follow Jesus, and those who have some natural talent for gathering and caring for people.  
If you have some friends, coworkers, or even family who you would like to gather regularly for a group, we can help!  Or maybe you have been a group leader before or have a passion for groups and would like to lead a new group so that more people can experience doing life together, we would love to talk with you!  
Get started today by signing up and completing the serve team survey.  We will be in touch soon!


We'd love to hear from you.  Fill out the form below and our groups directors will be in touch. 

Group Types


These are groups that gather around a common interest, stage of life, or gender. These groups gather together on a regular basis and the activity or interest can vary from financial planning to weight lifting to studying the Bible.


These are  groups of three or more people who gather together on a regular basis. You’ll connect, study the Bible, and pray together.


These are groups that offer support and connection especially in the most difficult seasons of life. There are groups for recovery, grief, mental health and for healing from trauma.  Compassionate and trained leaders bring their own life experiences and hope to these groups.