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Muddy Treasure

Crystal Roseborough, Administrative Assistant to Lead & Executive Pastors

We laid on our beds, eyes wide open trying to go to sleep. Every time we glanced at each other, giggles would ensue and all we could think about was waking up and heading out on our adventure. You would have thought we were going to Disneyland, but that's not what sisters did in the summer during the 1960's, especially when you lived in a rural farming community.

No…. our days were filled with exploring and make believe in the surrounding woods at our country home.  As a child you can imagine anything! You can build a house in the bushes and trees and play Little House on the Prairie. You can swing across the creek on the biggest rope swing you ever saw and make believe you are flying, just  like Wendy in Peter Pan…… but this day was different.  A discovery had been made!  

Walking along the path that we had traveled a hundred times, a beautiful color emerged on the side of the ravine. Doing what any normal child would do, we gathered the perfect digging sticks and began to investigate. What could it be?  After a few minutes of carving and prying there it was!  A beautiful perfume decanter, bright in color even though it was covered in mud.

In the distance, the car horn blew loudly, indicating that dinner was ready.  We had to go! Running home with our treasure, we breathlessly questioned, "How did it get there deep in the woods?  Who was out there? But the most important question…. Was there more to be found?"  We could hardly wait for the next day to come.  There was a great mystery to be solved and we were about to become the prime investigators.

Sleep eventually came and ushered in another beautiful summer day.  Breakfast and chores were finished. And this time, armed with stronger digging tools such as old spoons and butter knives, we were off with bags in hand, hopeful to find and carry home more discoveries!  

Hours went by…. actually…. days went by and what started with shallow digging became harder and deeper excavation.  But it was worth it!  It was a bounty!  Beautiful jars, decanters, and color samples of all kinds! Pinks, turquoise, deep blue, bright green! There in the mud, laying hidden for years, was a treasure waiting to be discovered by two little girls who took the time to notice what was underground.  

I can still hear our mother chuckling when she saw our delight each day as we shared our discoveries.  As we talked about the great mystery, she encouraged us to clean our bounty in buckets outside on the lawn.  This was no easy task. The glass had been in the ground for years and there was much brushing and cleansing needed.   Eventually, our beautiful treasures were put on display on our back patio to be enjoyed and observed by all who happened by!

The mystery?  Our mother knew all along.  But she allowed us to have the enjoyment of discovery.  You see, when our neighbor down the road no longer needed to sell her beauty products, and there was no curbside trash pick up in our rural area, her samples were thrown into the ravine to eventually become buried so deep that no one would ever see them.

It makes me wonder…..do we notice?  Are we willing to unearth the treasures that are unseen within?  

In Matthew 13:48, Jesus said,
"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field."

God offers treasures beyond our imagination!  But sometimes they are hidden….wanting to be discovered.  What kind of excavating and cleaning of the muddy parts of your life needs to happen in order for you to reveal your truest, most beautiful color hue?  The beauty that is yours alone? The beauty that comes when you discover that Jesus is with you, digging down deep and making you whole and useful in His kingdom?

Maybe this summer is a good time to try some extra excavating and discover the treasure in you that is waiting to be found…..

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