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"The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve..."

Mark 10:45

At our church, everyone gets to play.  It's not just pastors who get to do the stuff - it's everyone. Choose from some of the Serving Opportunities listed below or tell us about the skills you have to offer.  Click on the link and start serving with us!”

Serving Opportunities 


Every Monday we serve guests at the Hope Center with showers, meals, an opportunity to choose what they need from the market and clothing boutique, and other resources.  Then, at Monday Night Manna  we come together and provide a nutritious meal for anyone who finds him or herself in a time of need.  
Volunteer Opportunity: Meal Preparers and Servers, Clean-up Teams, Donations and Shopping Partners, Security, Prayer, and whatever you have to offer!
Commitment: Shifts available all day Monday.
Requirements to Serve: Starting Point (or take it soon) and Orientation for the area in which you serve.

Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday, at The Free Market we provide a free choice grocery shopping experience at no charge to our guests.  Volunteers can serve in shifts with preparations beginning at 9am and clean-up ending about 4pm each Wednesday.

DV Kids

If you love kids, this is the ministry for you. Our children’s team has the opportunity to share God’s love in a direct and tangible way with the next generation. We get to partner with parents to help kids on their faith journey to know God and his ways.
Serve Team Opportunities: Small Group Leader,  Assistant, Nursery Caregiver, Large Group Leader, Media, Puppets, Worship, Hospitality including Set-up  & Teardown, Lesson/Room Prep, Childcare (for week-day groups/events), Events.
Commitment: From 30 minutes to 2 hours per week, weekly or bi-weekly.
Requirements to Serve: Must attend Starting Point and DV Kids Orientation. Background Check required.


This is a great opportunity to serve in a fun, fast paced, high energy and rewarding environment! Media Ministry is more than just a visual experience; it is a means to serve in a unique way. We have expanded into many areas of our growing church and are looking for candidates to join the team. We are training for all positions at the Desert Vineyard, Volunteer Opportunities: Camera Operators, Pre and Post Video Production, Stage Design and Lighting, Web Casting, Live Web Broadcasting, Directors, Producers and Venue Managers
Commitment: Minimum of 1–2 services per week or bi- weekly.
Requirements to Serve: Must have attended Starting Point.

Prayer Ministry Intercession Team

Join the team of intercessors that pray “behind the scenes” all week long over requests that are submitted and during weekend services for each aspect of that service. Prayer can be done from home as you receive an email with requests or on campus during church services.
Requirements to Serve: Complete Serve Team Sign-up and meet with Prayer Team leaders. Take Starting Point and attend Prayer Team Training within first year of serving. 


Our security teams provide a safe environment throughout our weekend service and during other weekly meetings on campus. They are here to help you if you have any issues while on our campus and are keeping a watchful eye on our buildings and parking lots.
Volunteer Opportunities: Uniformed Security, Plain Clothes Sanctuary Security, Kid’s Ministry Security, Vineyard Christian School Security, Monday Night Manna Security, Palmdale Desert Vineyard Security, Special Events Security
Commitment: Minimum of one service or event monthly.
Requirements to Serve: Must be fingerprinted/live scanned and pass a criminal history background check. Must be at least 18 years of age. Must have a relationship with Jesus Christ and a heart to serve others. Must have attended the Desert Vineyard regularly for one year. Must have attended Starting Point.


Desert Vineyard Worship Ministry exists to do two things: First and foremost we intend to make Christ the center of attention, purposefully bringing our voices and hearts to him in an offering of genuine praise for who He is and what He alone has done. Secondly, we exist to help people to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit through music. If you are passionate about Jesus and a skilled musician or singer you should consider signing up to audition for the DV worship team. There are several ways you can serve depending on your availability and skill level, each one an important expression of what we are reaching for in worship ministry. It is good to sing praise to the Lord (Psalm 147:1)... if you can do it on key and with a passionate heart then it might be good for you to do it as a lead worshiper!
Volunteer Opportunities: Monday Night Manna (Monday nights), Youth Worship team (Thursday evenings, Saturday afternoons and evenings and Sunday mornings), Midweek service (Wednesday nights), Weekend Services in Auditorium (Saturday afternoons and evenings and Sunday mornings)
Commitment: The commitment level for DV Worship ministry varies depending what venue you will be serving in and your availability. It is flexible and will be different for everyone. The hope is that you’ll be able to serve at least one service or weekend and rehearsal per month.
Requirements to Serve: Attend weekend services regularly. Have been attending for at least 3 months. Must have attended Starting Point.  Must attend the Worship Team Orientation.

Virtue Coffee Roasters

Virtue Coffee Roasters  provides the church with a hot (or cold) cup of specialty coffee after our services.  Coffee creates a sense of familiarity with newcomers and long-standing members alike. Run by mostly volunteers, this gives a great opportunity to serve the people of our church with fast and friendly service.
Volunteer Opportunities: Barista and Cashier Commitment: Twice a month. Shifts are usually around 3 hours.
Requirements to serve: Must be at least 15 years old.

DV Youth

Desert Vineyard Youth (DVY) aims to help students discover who Jesus is and grow closer to Him.  We encourage the youth to explore what their relationship with God is and learn what the Bible says about who they are.  We encourage  leaders to build relationships with the youth, encourage them, guide them, and show them the love of Jesus. We have the opportunity to get to know the youth on a personal level and be an example of what it looks like to follow Jesus. There are also other ways you can serve in the youth, from the snack bar, to sound & media, and some other cool stuff in between.
Volunteer Opportunities: Sunday at 9am and 11am  & Wednesday at 6pm
Commitment: 1.5 hours per week
Requirements to Serve: Must have attended Starting Point.  Finger Printing and Background Check.

Prayer Ministry Auditorium Team

Join the team of intercessors that pray in the sanctuary following weekend services for any persons who come forward. Pray during the service you attend each weekend, or on a rotating basis.
Commitment: Sign-up and show-up to pray for one or more services per month. If unable to make your scheduled time, communicate with your team leader to arrange for a replacement.
Requirements to Serve: Desert Vineyard has been your church home for at least six months.  Complete Serve Team Sign-up and meet with Prayer Team leaders. Take Starting Point and attend Prayer Team Training  before serving. . Pray alongside a leader on the Prayer Team for several months.

Welcome Team

Our Welcome Team is a vital part of our outreach as a church. It provides a friendly face to newcomers as well as long-time Vineyard attendees. We provide information about the church, help visitors find a seat or a DV Kids class, offer resources and information, and serve at our coffee and muffin counters at our weekend services. Becoming a part of the Welcome Team is an easy way to begin serving while making friends in the process.
Volunteer Opportunities: Greeters, Virtue Coffee Express, Guest Central.
Commitment: Varies based on position.
Requirements to Serve: No requirements to serve.

Group Leader

Good group leaders are those who love Jesus, those who appreciate the way Desert Vineyard seeks to find and follow Jesus, and those who have some natural talent for gathering and caring for people.  
If you have some friends, coworkers, or even family who you would like to gather regularly for a group, we can help!  Or maybe you have been a group leader before or have a passion for groups and would like to lead a new group so that more people can experience doing life together, we would love to talk with you!  
Commitment: Serve as leader for one or more sessions.  Sessions typically launch three times per year for 6-10 weeks each.  Also participate in group leader events a few times per year.
Requirements to Serve: Leaders should complete Starting Point, have attended Desert Vineyard for at least six months, and meet with the Groups Director or pastor prior to leading.